Terms and Conditions


The period of contract will be in force for one calendar year with provision to extend is not received one month prior to the expiry of the existing contract then the contract will automatically be termed as further valid for a period on one year with 10% enhancement of charges of the outgoing contract rates.


The Duty hours of Security personnel will be for 8 OR 12 hours in case of non- availability of personnel due to any unforeseen reasons the duties will be carried out by the available, manpower under proper supervision, Any Additional responsibilities given by the management will be met without affecting the normal duties the same must be intimated in writing by the management and will be additional cost as & where applicable on actual basis.


We shall raise our bill on the 1st of every month and you must remit payment on or before 7th of every month, to enable us the disbursement salaries to the Security Guards from 10th of every month onwards, cheque should be drawn in the favour of the company.